Running out of enthusiasm

You know you’re getting a little bored of your training routine when you download an app called Zombies Run!

I’ve been training according to an official schedule (well, a couple of schedules all mashed together – but that’s a story for another time!) for 18 weeks now. That might not sound long, but that’s 126 days of doing what you’re told. And trust me when I tell you – that ain’t in my DNA!

I have done short runs, and long runs, tempo runs and easy runs, intervals, hills, stairs, fartlek and track. I have run on roads, off roads and on treadmills. I have run alone, and with friends. I have run big races and small races, and sometimes just around and around the block to get in those extra kms. I have run out of playlists. I have run out of running partners.

Mostly, I have run out of enthusiasm. I am bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.

So this morning, when my (one primary) programme told me that I had Hills on the cards, drastic action was required. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article on Facebook, from Runner’s World, on the best Apps for runners. There were tracking ones, and safety ones, and music ones.

But I needed more than music to motivate me. The only way I was running today, was if I was being chased by killer zombies.

So I downloaded the Zombies Run! app, paired my earphones, laced up my shoes and revved up the treadmill (I’m pretty sure even killer zombies don’t like running along Jan Smuts avenue in rush hour traffic; besides, Wifi… ).

My run began with a super bad helicopter crash, just outside of Abel township, the only safe zone in Zombie territory. I survived the helicopter crash, and with my handy wireless headset hooked up with a radio operator inside Abel township who told me that if I wanted to survive, I needed to run. There was a “small army of zombies” on my tail!

Queen interrupted at this point. Another one bites the dust.

It wasn’t looking good for me.

Except, I was running.

I was also laughing. Which made running a little tricky. Especially given the fact that I was supposed to be sprinting up a hill.

The narration and sound is superbly bad. But Zombies Run! is free, so I’m not gonna complain. Also, distraction.

As the song came to an end, I was able to collect a bottle of water, and was then rudely informed by the lady doctor in Abel township that if I didn’t venture into the very dangerous hospital in front of me, to pick up some medical kits, they would not let me through the gates. Nice.

Accompanied by the dulcet sounds of Miley Cyrus singing Wrecking Ball, I picked up the pace.

And, apparently, a sports bra. Just what I needed.

The next 20 minutes saw me emerge from the hospital victorious with a couple of medical aid kits, an important file and a can of D Odd orant. I also heard about the little affair between the radio dude and the previous Runner 5, who met an untimely end in said hospital despite being very, very fast. And then, because I activated the Zombie Chase button, I had a close encounter with ex Runner 5, who breathed down my neck while I sprinted away. Because I am faster than very, very fast Zombie Runner 5.

At the end of 36 minutes, I arrived at the gates of Abel Township – which were opened for me, because I had collected an important file, and a sports bra. I was safe. Although Bruce was singing Death to My Hometown. Not boding well for the residents of Abel.

I still had 24 minutes to run, and two sets of hills to complete, but as I was already up and running (so to speak), I just carried on.

First training session of the week. Tick.

Zombies Run!, according to the website, has over 1 million players across the world. It is the biggest smartphone fitness game. Ever. (again, according to the site). There are over 200 missions,  and players can post their complete missions on social media, link in with other Zombie Runners, and collect as many sports bras as they desire. While simultaneously saving humanity. And possibly shedding some kilos. Or, in my case, putting some extra kilos on the board.

Sign me up. I can always use another sports bra.

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