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Runnin’ down my dream

You know I ran a marathon the other day, and my running watch lost all the data? True story. Never, never, ever admit in public that you are an App addict, or as my friends refer to it, a Strava asshole.

Karma will always get you in the end!

So despite the fact that I have no statistical evidence, and that several of my so-called friends continue to doubt whether or not I actually got out of bed on November 6 – Strava says I had a ‘rest day’ – I did actually do it! Me. I ran a marathon. The New York Marathon.

Really. Truly. I have photographic evidence and everything. Even a very large medal, that could seriously only have been Made in America. And which, I have to tell you, many, many people (mostly Italians!) wear for days after the marathon. Often with their medals from previous years. Apparently, on the day of the marathon, several bars offer free drinks to medal wearers. So I guess that’s worthwhile. But three days afterwards? Couldn’t you just limp a little, or make weird faces when you stand up from the table, like we did? A lot. Because, you know, we did run a marathon 🙂

The very enormous medals, which very strange people wear for very many days after the race!
The very enormous medals, which very strange people wear for very many days after the race!

Anyway, I digress.

The good news is that, despite all my worrying, I did make it to the end. My back didn’t go into spasm, my ITBS didn’t rear its ugly head, and no one blew up the bridge. Not even one bridge.

The best news is that we all finished – me, the Cycling Husband, and he of the Shut Up and Run regime, P. Together.

And the strange thing is that I didn’t even find my Dark Place! See, there are legends, among runners, of this Dark Place that lurks somewhere between the 28km and 35km mark. They talk in low voices about this place, almost as if the mere mention of it might jinx an upcoming race. It’s that place where you suddenly start to feel the twitches and twangs, where your mind starts playing tricks on you, questioning your ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Fortunately for me, I have absolutely no sense of direction. Anyone who knows me, and specifically those who run with me, could tell you that I couldn’t find my Dark Place even if someone lit it up with neon paint.

It’s fair to say that in the run up to the marathon, I increased my run distance mostly by getting hopelessly lost on new routes.

Truth be told, I’m not convinced that I could have found my Dark Place while running the New York marathon, even if I tried. I’m sure I will find words to describe the sheer incredible joy of this day, because it’s what I do. But as you might have noticed from the lack of words thus far, it’s not easy. For me, suffice to say that it was my Best. Day. Ever.

The Cycling Husband summed it up perfectly when he said that the only muscles that cramped on the day were the ones on my face. I really, truly smiled the whole way. What an experience. What a privilege. What fun!

And the best news? You know it never happened if it’s not on Strava, right? So I guess I just have to go back next year and do it again…

This is me, dragging the cycling husband around the streets of New York
This is me, dragging the cycling husband around the streets of New York. Truth be told, he dragged us all to the end, but that’s a topic for another article….

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