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After much nagging from well-intentioned friends and family, I have finally bitten the proverbial bullet and let my random thoughts loose on my little world, through a blog called RunLikeAMom.

Read it. Share it. Comment on it. Or don’t. But, in the immortal words of someone far more clever than I: Above all else, be kind. It’s hard putting yourself back out there when you’re Just a Mom.

Why RunLikeaMom? Because I spend my life either Running Around after children, or Just Running to find my sanity. I’m a Mom. It’s who I am and what I do. And it’s high time I came to accept that.

You see, I didn’t exactly envision my life as ‘Just A Mom’. In a previous life, I was Someone. (At least, I thought I was!) And now, I’m more like ‘Someone’s Mom’.

I have officially moved from the subject to the … um ok, hold that thought, that’s not working. On top of everything else I have forgotten in my quest to remember everything for everyone else, I have forgotten my university level English education. But you get the point.

What I haven’t forgotten is that the name of my blog is a shameless plagiarism of the Always campaign #RunLikeAGirl. If you haven’t been exposed to this campaign, especially if you have girl children, watch it.

The premise is simple: When did “Running Like a Girl” (or hitting like a girl, or throwing like a girl, or fighting like a girl – or doing anything Like a Girl, for that matter), become an insult?

Why does society automatically assume that doing anything Like a Girl is not as good as doing it Like a Boy?

And, to that point, why does society – and I include myself in this – automatically assume that being ‘Someone’s Mom’ is not as good as being ‘Someone’?

In spite of the many campaigns (thanks P&G!) to celebrate moms, and the many people around me (thanks my Sweet Husband!) who tell me every single day how important it is to be A Mom, somewhere in the back of my mind, I don’t quite believe it.

There is a large part of me that feels like I have Opted Out of Real Life. (Sorry, I mean those caps, so I’m keeping them in.)

And there is another part of me that feels like I have Wasted My Education. (Ditto on the caps.)

In my previous life, I too wondered what full-time moms did all day. I rolled my eyes, and pictured perfectly good brains dusting over and eventually shrinking and atrophying.

So I tried to keep my brain from shrinking and atrophying by writing. I freelance, and I have a couple of loyal clients. But, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I am as full a time mom as those who do not work at all. I work from home, so my time is my own. The Sweet Husband and I share lifts to school, but I am there every day at pick up. I watch every gala, and netball and hockey match. I have time to run in the mornings, or have coffee, or go for a pedicure if I so desire. My brain is full of what sports kit needs to go to school on what day, who needs a birthday present for which friend, and who has an upcoming assessment.

(On the plus side, I now know exactly where all nine provinces are, and even how to tell you all about myself in Zulu!)

And so society – and myself, as a member of that society – deems me to be somehow less of a Someone. Not a contributing member, as it were.

Truth be told, I am probably my own worst enemy. The voices in my head are quite often much louder than those around me, and have a tendency to drown out even P&G’s best intentions.

And so, just as #RunLikeAGirl aims to regain control over the voices of society that tell us doing stuff Like a Girl is somehow less valuable, so RunLikeAMom is my way of attempting to regain control over the voices in my head that say the same things about being a Mom.

I am a Mom. It’s time I owned it. So I bought the URL.

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  1. Melis says: Reply

    Awesome my friend you’re a legend and big toast to us moms!

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks Melis! Am still nervous about putting myself out there again, but I guess I gotta do it sometime!

  2. Beth says: Reply

    Can’t wait to

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Watch this space!

  3. Tamsin says: Reply

    Nice one Kim!!

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks Tam – welcome to the world of Moms!

  4. Candice de Bruin says: Reply

    Naaaice! Spoken like ‘someone’ I know well and to whom I can relate. When can we expect the next piece?

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Coming right up!!

  5. Siobahn says: Reply

    This is going to be brilliant!!! Well said!.. Look forward to the next instalment!!!!

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Coming soon… watch this space!

  6. Dominique says: Reply

    Great article Kim!

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks for the thumbs up! Guess I need to write more now!!

  7. Bev Erickson says: Reply

    Very well said Kim! As you say “own worst enemy”. I went back to work full time just a couple of months after the birth of each of my two children and suffered the guilt of being a “bad mom”. Until I also came to the realisation that it was was I wanted to do and that was what was best for my family. All the best with your blog.

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Bev, it is terrible how moms seem to beat themselves down at every turn, whatever they choose to do. My mom always said that “guilt is the mother’s mantle”, how right she is!

  8. Simon Penstone says: Reply

    FANTASTIC. You go girl. Oh dear, sorry, I meant MOM.

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thank you, thank you! More to come…

  9. Nickey says: Reply

    Shot Kim!! You got the picture girl! Well done to you and the drive to run this blog of pure wisdom! I so relate!

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks Nickey, I hope I can keep it up. It is amazing how many moms out there feel the same way, we just so seldom put it out there.

  10. Debs says: Reply

    Very clever cousin you are !!! LOVE. Glad to see the bunnies made it. Keep running for all us moms ! Xxx

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks Deb, so impressed with you and husband this last weekend! Next year, again!

  11. cheryl says: Reply

    Very proud of you Kim – we all feel like this at some point. I’ll be watching for the next ‘edition’

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      Thanks Cheryl, I have a couple of articles on the back burner right now which is why they are coming thick and fast, so watch this space!

  12. Ashleigh Pringle says: Reply

    Wow Kim fantastic! Literary genius xx

    1. Kim P says: Reply

      That from the English teacher *grin*

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